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Higher National Diplomas (HND) are professional and practice-base  courses;  teaching  and  learning methods  include  group  work,  projects  and  problem solving. HNDs' are highly valued by employers all over the world.  The  HND  programme  was  introduced  in C a m e r o o n   b y   M i n i s t e r i a l   o r d e r   N o .  02/0069/MINESUP/DDES of 2002.  It is a two years university study programme but focus towards professionalism. Completing this course will earn you a diploma from the ministry of higher education.  This diploma can be used to further your education by applying for a one degree program in any universities of your choice.



Entry Qualifications & Duration

Must have Two advance levels or equivalent or Diploma in vocational training. The duration of studies is two(2) years.


Business Management

Tuition: 250,000FCFA

Course Objectives

This HND diploma prepares you for a successful management career by providing a solid understanding of key business management principles and practices. Through case studies, engaging projects and group work you will encounter the real-world business situations faced by today's managers.


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The HND in accounting explains concepts of the accounting cycle and financial statements, as well as their place within organizations. 



The HND programme in Insurance is designed to produce graduates with a firm grounding in Insurance fundamentals.



Business Management

This HND diploma prepares you for a successful management career by  providing  a  solid  understanding  of  key  business management principles and practices.


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