Computer Engineering

School of Engineering

Computer and telecommunication engineering have transformed businesses. Whether small companies or a large corporations, computers and telecommunication are essential to any organization. Undertaking any of this courses, opens you up to a great career and opportunity to have good jobs in big companies or organizations. Or you can even become self-employed. We strongly recommend a student studying computer or telecommunication engineering should later study networking this builds you as a complete consultant.

Computer Engineering

Tuition : 300,000FCFA

Course Objectives

The 2 year Higher National Diploma (HND) offers an in-depth understanding of the computer engineering on which today's organizations rely. You will explore the technology on how to assemble computers, repair, upgrade, troubleshoot etc. Our assignments typically takes the form of coursework, projects and written reports. There is more to practical learning which will develop the hands-on skills you need to launch a successful career in Computer Engineering.

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