Graphics Design

Brief Description

Trainee shall acquire skills in Computer Aided Designing (CAD) and Computer Aided Publication (CAP) Applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Flash Professional, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Indesign etc, with professional skills in handling 2D and 3D Graphics and designs.


Registration           5, 000FCFA

Tuition :               193,000FCFA

Maintenance:        10,000FCFA

Students Union:       2000FCFA

Total: 210,000FCFA

Job Possibilities

Grandaunts of this course can work as Graphics designers in Companies, schools, organizations, printing press or could be self employed etc.


1st Installment(Oct) 98,000FCFA
2nd Installment(Jan) 67,000FCFA
3rd Installment(Mar) 45,000FCFA

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