Hardware Maintenance

Certificate: National Diploma in Hardware Maintenance

Brief Description

This is a complete and thorough computer engineering course for the maintenance, assembly and repairs of all computer gadgets and systems. It also involves maintenance and repairs of printers, repairs of monitors and network installation in offices, cybercafés. Students who finish this course will can proceed for an intensive 3 months tutoring session to sit for the prestigious COMPTIA A+ international certification examinations.


Job Possibilities

Graduates of this course can work as Hardware Engineers in Companies, schools, organizations, or could be self-employed etc.



  • Registration 10,000FCFA
  • Tuition : 195,000FCFA
  • Maintenance: 10,000FCFA
  • Students Union: 2,000 FCFA
  • Total: 217,000FCFA
  • Discount: (10,000)FCFA
  • Total: 207,000FCFA

1st Instalment(oct) 110,000CFA
2nd Instalment(Jan) 55,000CFA
3rd Instalment(Mar) 42,000CFA

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