Special Courses

This is a very intensive and professional course, designed for those who do not want to enroll for the full diploma course. Students would be expected to study only the 1st and 2nd semesters of the 1 year Diploma course in Data processing and an Attestation is awarded upon successful completion of the course.

Registration 10,000FCFA
Tuition 78,000FCFA
Maintenance 10,000FCFA
Students Union 2000FCFA
Total 100,000FCFA

This is an intensive course in Data Processing  course designed for people with limited time but desiring to be computer literate. This course is intended for business people, workers and those preparing to travel abroad. It gives a perfect opportunity of acquiring in depth computer skills.


1st Installment(Oct)  68,000FCFA                                      Registration       10,000FCFA
2nd Installment(Jan)  32,000FCFA                                    Tuition    :         40,000FCFA


Get Started!

These are special need courses with flexible tutoring hours as per the needs of the learner.This is also a very effective technique of gaining ICT skills in any desired area of interest.A teacher is specifically provided to ensure a one-on-one basis tutoring

1st Installment(After the First Month)  35,000FCFA
2nd Installment End of Second Month  15,000FCFA


The fee is negotiable & based on the number of courses desired by the trainee.

This is open to students and non students. This runs through all summer holidays ranging from 1, 2 or 3 months depending on the need of the prospective students. Classes are organized for all and sundry irrespective of age group, professions and educational background.

Please see Holiday Classes Brochure available at our Secretariat. 5,000FCFA