Web Designing

Professional Web Designing

Certificate: National Diploma in Web Designing

Brief Description

Trainee will acquire Professional Skills in web designing and programming with applications like Adobe Dreamweaver, Web Pagemaker, HTML codings, Flash Animations softwares and techniques, Web hosting and management techniques,  etc. with or additional softwares on Graphic design

Job Possibilities

Grandautes of this course can work as Graphics designers in Companies, schools, organizations, printing press or could be self employed etc.


  • Registration 5,000FCFA
  • Tuition : 193,000FCFA
  • Maintenance: 10,000FCFA
  • Students Union: 2,000 FCFA
  • Total: 210,000FCFA

1st Instalment(oct) 120,000CFA
2nd Instalment(Jan) 80,000CFA
3rd Instalment(Mar) 50,000CFA

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