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This school is always a huge help when it comes to honing professional knowledge and skills. It's one of the top resources I recommend to others looking to do the same.


FLEXCOM has a plethora of most qualified and experienced staff at your disposal

FLEXCOM has the best hardcopy manuals and update electronic books where students can access, upgrade their skills and build their careers.

For the past 15years FLEXCOM graduates have been very outstanding and have always set the pace at the job market. Our graduates have jobs in banks, goverment, insurance campanies etc/internationally and nationally.

In FLEXCOM there is assurance for continuity in career prospects.

FLEXCOM train prospective students to write the HND programmes with the Ministry of Higher Education in any of the chosen specialties, and later proceed in doing their Bachelor’s Degree as desired in their various specialties in any university of their choose.

FLEXCOM opens the door for you to acquire international certifications that permit you to work anywhere in the world through the pearson vue authorised internation test center

FLEXCOM has one of the richest curriculums and have some courses that are not offered in other institutions under some specialties. Our curriculum permits trainees to be very valuable and work in complex working environments

What is vocational training
What certificate do you obtain after the program
Am i sure to get a better job after my training?
Where is Flexcom located
What is vocational training

Vocational training is professional education that provides students with specialized skills and knowledge to prepare them for employment in a specific field. This type of training may be offered by both public and private institutions.

What certificate do you obtain after the program

After a one year program made up of ten months in class and two months on the field at an enterprise of choice for internship,students sit for the Ordinary national Diploma exams to have a VQD(vocational qualification diploma)awarded by the ministry of Employment and vocational Training.

Am i sure to get a better job after my training?

90% of the students from flexcom return with jobs after their two months internship, indicating the high rate of  job availability for our students due to the training received in the course of the program which is 60% practicals and 40% theory.

Where is Flexcom located

Flexcom instituted has two campuses,campus A is at city chemist round about,top floor city chemist pharmacy building,while the campus B is at sonac street adjacent to the former AES building directly opposite the old treasury top floor MITACCUL HAUS.

 Vocational education is related to the apprenticeship system of learning.

As the labour market becomes more specialized and require higher levels of skill, governments and businesses are increasingly investing in the future of vocational education through publicly funded training organizations and subsidized apprenticeship or traineeship initiatives for businesses. At the post-secondary level vocational education is typically provided by a highly specialized institute of technology/polytechnic, or a university, or by a local community college.

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